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Miss Dewey


Miss Dewey是一個搜尋網站,看來是微軟實驗性質的產物,一般來說大家可能看多了電腦3D的AI,不過,這次微軟用的是真實人物的影片當噱頭。對於你輸入的問題,她的反應也挺好笑的。

進場畫面每次都有不同的Every time you enter the site, there is a different opening.

如果一直閒置沒有發問,Miss Dewey 就會做些好笑的事情來排解無聊。If you leave Miss Dewey with nothing to do. She would act something stupid to kill time.
例如拿雜誌出來打發時間For example, she would start to read a magazine...
或者敲敲螢幕的玻璃問說:有人在嗎?Or knock on the screen and ask, is anyone there?
有時候會拿橡皮筋出來射人Sometime she would shoot robber bands.
再不然就是突然發瘋說:多問我些問題。你問的越多,我知道的就越多。不久,我便可以統治全世界。嗚啊哈哈哈哈.....She may even suddenly roar, keep asking questions. The more you ask, the more I know. And soon, I will rule the world. Muahahaha.....
當然你一定會跟我一樣,問些無聊虧美眉的問題,例如,你幾歲?每次你都會得到不同的答案.....Just like me, you surely would ask some questions like, how old are you?You will get different answers every time.....
有一次還被他取笑:各位先生女士請注意,體重157磅、坐在這角落的,是全世界最寂寞的男人!She would even mock at you: Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner, weighting 157 pounds, the world loneliest man!
如果你繼續騷擾他,他還會按警鈴叫警察呢!If you keep harassing her by some dirty words, Miss Dewey would call the police for help.

剛開始並沒有發現畫面上有個「靜音」的按鈕,只好直接輸入「安靜」的關鍵詞,看看會有什麼反應,結果Miss Dewey便拿出一把來福槍並且說:「你要安靜是嗎?」隨後,背景發出鴨子飛翔和鳴叫的聲音,然後對著螢幕的方向開槍,一名男子便從旁邊倒下。At the beginning, I didn’t know there’s a mute button on the screen so I type “quite” onto the search bar to see how Miss Dewey would react. She then takes out a rifle and say, quiet!? Ducks fly and quack in the background. Suddenly Dewey shoots at the screen and a man falls from one side.


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