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Welcome to The Club of Spam Blogs

Finally I also got this kind of harassment on March 3. 終於我也拿到這樣的獎勵:
This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts, but you will be able to save them as drafts. 此 blog 已被 Blogger 的垃圾 blog 阻擋漫遊器鎖定。 您將無法發佈文章,但您可以將其儲存為草稿。

Save your post as a draft or click here for more about what's going on and how to get your blog unlocked. 請將您的文章儲存為草稿,或 按這裡,以瞭解發生什麼事與如何解除您 blog 鎖定的詳細資訊。
Nothing... Nothing you can do about it and at last a reply email came up on March 6.

Re: [#119573133] Blogger Beta non-spam review and verification request:

Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and cleared for regular use so that it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

The Blogger Team

真是運氣棒到不行,剛好在週末開始前接到這樣的警告,這假日就什麼事都不能做,沒有可以發信抱怨的信箱,只有癡癡的等,把莫須有 Spam Blog 的罪名看了又看..... 莫名其妙!

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