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KB2833941 安全更新安裝失敗

始終搞不懂為何微軟就是有本事把好好的東西搞到爛,.NET framework 的更新失敗真是惡名昭彰,如果不幸要重灌系統,有一半的機率會碰到這無法安裝的問題,也因此前陣子才會寫了篇幹譙文(儘管後來證實是防毒軟體的問題)。沒想到,最近出現的 MS13-052 KB2833941 安全性更新,又是不停的安裝失敗,讓我想大罵髒話。
I never understand why Microsoft always exerts the gift in destroying beautiful things. .NET framework has been notorious for the update failure. You will get 50% percent chance to face this problem if inevitably having to reinstall the whole OS. Recent MS13-052 KB2833941 security patch makes me want to spit out my curses again.

網路上最常見到的垃圾答案,就是整個 .NET framework 重裝,幫幫忙,整個 1.1, 2.0, 3.5 重裝要花多少時間,他們可是超肥大的啊 !?!? 還好,最後在某網頁裡找到 cbendan 提供的解決方法,簡而言之,就是自行下載 KB2833941  更新檔,再額外下載整個 1.1 轉散發套件並解壓縮,隨後,手動更新時會跳出視窗詢問 .NET 1.1 的檔案位置,把目錄指向剛才解壓的目錄後,便可以安裝完成。
The most common rubbish solution is to reinstall the whole .NET framework. OMG. The whole version of 1.1, 2.0, and 3.5 is obese and the process is a waste of life!!! Fortunately there's a good answer provided from cbendan. In short, the approach is to download KB2833941 patch file as well as the .NET Framework 1.1 redistributable package. Decompress the redistributable package and start to execute the patch update manually. You will be prompt for the 1.1 framework location and just provide the folder path of the decompression. Voilà. The update becomes successful.

詳細步驟如下 Here are some details:

症狀 Symptom:

Windows Update 顯示有 KB2833941 安全更新可安裝。但 Auto Update 卻始終失敗,並且安全日誌會出現兩項錯誤訊息:

Event ID: 11706
Product: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 -- Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. The Windows installer cannot continue.
Event ID: 1023
Product: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 - Update '{C0F0DCDC-99EA-4405-BDAE-CACABD3D2DF0}' could not be installed. Error code 1603. Additional information is available in the log file C:\Temp\NDP1.1sp1-KB2833941-X86\NDP1.1sp1-KB2833941-X86-msi.0.log.

解決方法 Solution:

1. 從微軟官網下載 KB2833941
Download KB2833941 from Microsoft download page.

2. 從微軟官網下載 .NET Framework 1.1 版可轉散發套件並解壓縮
Download .NET framework version 1.1 Redistributable Package from Microsoft download page. Decompress this package and remember the folder path.

3. 執行安裝 KB2833941,隨後會跳出提示視窗,將路徑指到先前解壓縮,含有 netfx.msi 檔案的目錄。
Install downloaded KB2833941 update patch. In the middle of the installation, a window would prompt you to look for the .NET 1.1 instalation file. Browse and provide the folder path containing the netfx.msi file.

4. 最後可能會跳出重開機需求,隨後這 .NET 1.1 SP1 的安全更新便算是成功安裝。
In the end of the process, a reboot might be required. Then .NET 1.1 SP1 security update is correctly installed.

也許該怪我自己,既然要繼續用老 XP 系統,就要認命承受這個莫名其妙的問題吧。


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Microsoft® .NET Framework 1.1 版可轉散發套件無法解壓縮

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如果你有安裝 7z, WinZIP, WinRAR 等解壓縮軟體,在該檔案上點滑鼠右鍵,然後就可以看到這些軟體有提供解壓縮的選項。

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