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MyBlogLog 停止動畫 .gif 圖檔

更新:Yahoo 把 MyBlogLog 買走後,終於決定結束它的生命
Yahoo To Shut Down MyBlogLog On May 24, 2011

MyBlogLog 在 4/20 號開始... (美國時間吧,我想),大頭貼和網頁預覽圖就要停止支援動畫的 GIF 圖檔,儘管自己也很想找時間搞個會動的圖案,但是眾多贊成的回應出現,看來這算是德政之一吧。其實得承認自己的手可能沒有跟腦袋連在一塊,凡是會動的、美女的、香豔的,手指就會情不自禁地點下去...

Say goodbye to the animated avatars, y'all

No need to spend a lot of text on this one. The animated gifs bug enough people that we're getting rid of them. Next Friday we're going to process all of the images and cut them down to a single, static frame. If you have an animated avatar or community image, you have one week to update it or face the wheel of chance.

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PigTail Leo said...

Yahoo 把 MyBlogLog 買走後,終於決定結束它的生命:
Yahoo To Shut Down MyBlogLog On May 24, 2011

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