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YouTube 的緩衝問題

Based on Google search, many people were facing the problem of YouTube video buffering. Recently I became one of them.
Google 上有很多人遇到 YouTube 影片緩衝的問題,這鳥事最近也讓我碰上了。

The symptom makes me exasperating:
YouTube restarts / reloads current buffer status again and again once I tried to skip video (inside the light gray progress bar!) It happened either on my Firefox or Chrome

解決方案: (以下兩者皆備)
The solution works for me: (by applying both below)
1. Activate HTML5 Video Player setting on YouTube web site. Click the button of "Request the HTML5 player".
啟動 YouTube HTML5 影片播放器的設定,點選「要求使用 HTML5 播放器」。

2. Install YouTube Center add-on, extension or user script. Disable the setting of "DASH Playback" under "Player" and "External Players" tabs. My life gets splendid again. (This one is for commercial video hosted on YouTube, especially VEVO.)
安裝 YouTube Center 的附加元件擴充腳本,再將"播放器"與"外部播放器"底下的"動態碼流播放 (DASH)"選項取消,我的人生就從黑白變彩色了。(這步是為了那些放在 YouTube 的商業影片,尤其像VEVO。)

Actually this issue was notified months ago. In the past I could enjoy jogging along the light gray buffer loading bar and still having data stream nonstop cached in background. But someday it goes banana. The player restarted the buffer cache every time when I jumped backward or forward on a video. This was totally frustrating if under a slow network or the whole buffer already finished. I didn't have time to troubleshoot at the moment.

I believe this blog probably still not able to fix your problem. The intention is simply to grab some different limelight on Google search if anybody needs help on the video buffering issue. There are tons of tuning tips related to this problem. I also knew about the saying related to the "peering" conspiracy among YouTube and ISPs. This issue also involves the compatibility of browsers and flash players.  For me, no smooth buffering encourages the downloading of the video which violates the spirits of internet video sharing. Those backbone operators really need to have a good coordination, simplify the settings and provide comfortable user experiences.
我相信這裡的方法依舊有可能無法解決你的問題,關於緩衝區的問題調適,網路上解法超多,這文章的目的只是希望在 Google 裡面提供一個不同的答案。我有聽說關於系統業者與 YouTube 串通的陰謀,也知道這問題也牽扯到瀏覽器與 flash 播放器。對我來說,串流影片的緩衝不順就是鼓勵下載行為,這就與網路影片的分享精神相違背了,那些系統大佬們真的應該做好溝通協調的工作,提供舒適的使用環境。

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